Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm glad last week is behind me.

What a week I had last week! I made two trips to Oklahoma City, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. It takes about an hour and forty minutes each way on the turnpike so you can imagine how much time was spent just driving! I had two doctors appointments (all is well!), several meetings, two luncheons, and of course work. Then, on Friday I was so looking forward to my book club but the week ended not so great.
I went to look at a piece of property with Sherry. As we were just back in Tulsa I came over the hill and surrounded by traffic and unable to go anywhere I had to run over two piles of debris in the road. Before running it over I knew it didn't look good but I couldn't go around it and I couldn't slam on my brakes to avoid it. Almost immediately my tire pressure gauge came on and let me know my back right tire was going flat. Ugh. I'm usually calm in situations but for some reason whenever something goes wrong with my car I start to panic. I think it's because my poor mom always drove the *worst* cars and we were always either breaking down somewhere or we were stuck at home and I associate car trouble with doom.
Anyway, I get my car to a service station to see if they can put on the spare. It's 4:50, Friday afternoon and these two doofuses are looking at me and looking at each other and scratching their heads like I've just asked them to change the transmission or something. It becomes painfully obvious to me that they just want to get out of there at 5:00 and I'm not going to get my tire changed out. One offers to over-inflate my tire so that I might make it to Sears which is two miles down the road - but remember it is Friday, it is rush hour, and there are about 15 lights between where I am and where I need to go.
The tire is hissing and the tire gauge lets me know I'm losing air fast. One of the men suggest I buy fix-a-flat and I really don't think that is going to matter but I buy it and ask him if he will put it in the tire for me. Because I'm convinced the tire is going to blow at any minute, I stand back about 15 feet with my sunglasses over my eyes while he not only puts in the fix-a-flat but also over-inflates my tire. Off I go to Sears, praying the whole way, watching the air quickly leak out of my tire. The fix-a-flat did nothing, but at least I make it and limp into the parking lot at Sears.
The sweet young man at Sears puts the spare on my car, charges me *nothing* for the service despite the fact that it is 107 degrees with the heat index and the garage is facing the sun. After I tip him and set off on my way, I'm a mile down the road when the tire sensor comes back on and now, another tire is going flat. Not good!
Long story but yesterday, I got four brand new tires on my car.
Last week was a long stressful week not only for me but for quite a few of my friends too. I'm sure we are all happy to leave that one behind and I'm really looking forward to a much sunnier, happier week. :)


  1. I always drove cars like you mom! until this one.. and even this one is questionalbe sometimes! I had a crappy week last week too. for lots of reasons. I often wish work people and family didnt read my blog so I could "really talk!" oh well, probably best if I dont anyways.
    so heres too a nice day today. I'm off to the beach determined to relax!

  2. Oh Lisa.........we all have had weeks, or days like you had! I am so sorry but glad you are okay and you have 4 brand new tires! You should be set for a few more miles..........stay cool and calm girl! Hope to see you soon..........

  3. Doofuses is right! Thank goodness for the good guys at Sears!

  4. I'm sorry you had that happen. I hate it when you can't miss something in the road. It scares me every time. I hope your weekend made everything much better!