Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Pantry is Finished!

This project took me way longer than I anticipated but I'm thrilled to say that I actually finished it.
The before pictures are quite embarassing but I'm so happy with the finished product that I'm going to show just how bad the state of affairs was in there. Oh My.

We were buying multiples of things because once something got "put away" in there it was practically lost forever.Plus I'm a real stickler about using foods past their expiration date. Once it's past the date on the container - it goes. I didn't have too much I had to throw away but the winner was a can of chicken stock that expired in 2007 - eeewww! I don't know how that one survived the move to this house.

Look at those beautiful white shelves. No more builder's beige. I can't believe how much the space has been brightened.

The only things I want to see on the floor in here are the dog food containers and the trash can. No more dumping crap!

One more project crossed of my list so now, what's next?


  1. I am ashamed of my pantry right now. I better go get to work. You are on fire!

  2. It looks great! I miss having a pantry!!

  3. You have been looks great. Doesn't it feel good, and you always ask yourself, WHy did I wait so long! Keep it up and that list will be all crossed off.

  4. Wow! A Walmart in your own place...