Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easter Crafting

On Saturday I had the girls over for crafting. Lori and her daughters Kasey and Lindsey came over and our original plan was to decorate some large paper mache easter eggs. That plan went sideways when I couldn't even cut into one of the eggs with my exacto knife so we moved on to plan B.  Lori took this picture of us busy at work. Please don't mind the messy craft room. 
We decided to decorate paper mache boxes instead. Didn't these turn out so cute!
From Left to Right: Mine, Lori's (and she said she couldn't craft!!), Kasey's and Lindsey's.
Can't wait until the next time!


  1. how cute they all turned out! I'm having a craft day at my house with a few friends this saturday. who knows what we'll end up doing. I have plans, but as you know sometimes you do end up going in a different direction!
    have a great day

  2. Absolutely darling. I've been busy working on Easter crafts when the girls are sleeping. Bring on the Easter decor!!

  3. These are really cute and looks like lots of fun.

  4. What a fun project!! And your room looks divine, I'll bet I could get lost playing in there!