Sunday, March 18, 2012

Projects on the horizon

Did I mention last week that we ordered scooter fabric from Spoonflower?  Well, we did and it arrived yesterday in the mail.  Obviously, when ordering it I didn't realize the scooters were going to be so big,  since I didn't pay attention to the scale that is provided on the website.  

I thought the scooters were going to be little, say, about an inch tall but instead, they are about six inches tall. The important thing is that Doug LOVES this fabric. He loves the argyle pattern and he loves the size of the scooters. As I sit typing this, the fabric is in the washer so I can get to work on sewing the scooter pajama pants I promised him. I'll be sure to let you know how they turn out. Maybe Doug will even model them for a picture!
Next up for projects is this little step stool I found at the thrift store, oh, about a year ago.  It's been in the garage while I've waited for some inspiration. Today I'm going to pry off that ugly vinyl top, give the base a good sanding and add a coat of primer. I don't have the perfect fabric for this yet but at least I'm going to get it painted.

 We are going to a specialty fabric store on Thursday (more on that in a minute) so I may be able to find something cute then.

This poor old shelf.  I think I bought this at hobby lobby back when I was in law school.  That means, it's moved with me 3 times and has been in the garage gathering dust.  At one point, I did sand it and fill the holes with wood filler but that is as far as it got.  Today, I took it out back, sanded it again and refilled some of the holes where the filler had shrunk and I'm going to give it a coat of primer. I have a vision for this and I hope it turns out as cute as I'm thinking.

It's going to be a busy week.  On Wednesday night, I'm picking up Sherry Goshon at the airport.  Next  weekend, she is teaching the Tulsa Dolling Dames how to create this awesome doll. This will be my first cloth doll class and I'm beyond excited.  I've been gathering my supplies but I still have to find my fabric for the doll's costume.  

On Thursday, a bunch of us are supposed to go to some specialty fabric store that I've been told is hit or miss.  Sometimes you go and there is so much stuff to buy that you can't even think straight.  Other times, not so much.  I'm hoping for a happy medium.  :)
Next up is lunch at the Amish Cheese House.  Everyone is raving about it and even Doug has said it is really good.
Friday and Saturday are the days for the class, Connie is hosting our lunch on Friday and then Sunday we are all going to Jean's house for a potluck lunch.  Should be lots of fun and I'll try to remember to not get so involved with what is going on that I take some pictures to share.


  1. I think the scooter fabric is cute. It will make wonderful pajama or lounge pants. I am curious to see what you will do with the little stepstool and shelf. It's fun to let your imagination go wild on something like that!

  2. oh wow, cant wait to see the doll you make...enjoy the class!

  3. oh my! that doll is awesome!

    I look forward to seeing your finished projects and of course your *new* model :o)

    Hope all our lovely rain doesn't spoil your weekend.

  4. I know you will love taking Sherry's class. What fun all of you will have.

  5. Wow, what fun! I haven't been keeping up with blogs much this month and I can see you have been super creative, super busy, and up to all kinds of fun!