Friday, March 9, 2012

Sewing Class Complete!

The last 8 weeks, I've been taking a beginner's sewing class.  It has been alot of fun and I've learned so many things but best of all have been the projects.  Our first project was to make this cute reversible tote.  I love pinks, polkadots and paisleys, and I think my tote turned out so cute!

I'll have to post my second project once I'm finished - we made pajama pants and I just have to add the drawstring and hem the legs and they will be done.  It's on my list for this weekend.
Our third and final project was this sweet zippered makeup bag.  I just love it and I can wait to make more!
I'm going to be first in line as soon as the Intermediate class is announced - I can't even wait!  Oh yeah - there is going to be a serger class too - Sign me up!


  1. Bravo! How much fun and you did an outstanding job for a beginner! I love your little cosmetic bag. Start sewing now and you can join us for Glitter Market in the fall!

  2. love the zipper bag! Awesome that you can sew in a zipper. Been so long since I sewed I can't remember how :o(

    Have you started your gardening yet? My fingers are itchen' to get dirty.

  3. Love the makeup bag, so cute! Happy Sewing!!