Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ann-Denise's Dress Form Class at Paper Crown

 Ann-Denise made the trip up from Texas today to teach a class on how to make  and embellish a dress form.  She always does things over the top and makes attending her classes or her events so much fun!
 Look at these beautiful flowers she brought just for me!  These are my birthday flowers in all the colors that I just love.  I'm telling you - I'm so lucky to have such sweet and thoughtful friends!
Here we are all posing with our finished dress forms.  I love how each one is so different.
This is my dress form.  I'm probably not 100% finished and am going to add some "bling" but this is as far as I got in the time allowed for class.  I'm kind of slow at finishing my projects but I just enjoy the process so much, I see no need to rush things.
In case you are interested, Ann-Denise is hosting a Halloween Event called 31 Wishes.  It will be held in the Ft. Worth area on October 20th, 2012.  I have been to several of Ann-Denise's events and I'm telling you - you don't want to miss it.  The project for the event is a surprise but no matter - it will be fantastic whatever it is .  We were talking today about some of the swaps and perhaps a competition... Can't wait!  Space is limited so if you are interested, I'd sign up *now*!


  1. wow what a gorgeous creation! Friends are such blessings xx

  2. Lisa,

    Your dress form is so beautiful!

    Looks like you all enjoyed a marvelous day.

    Hugs, Tami