Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Busy creating!

The last three weeks, I've been taking a beginning quilting class. There has been ALOT of homework as far as cutting, ironing,  and sewing at home.  Tonight is our last class and we are going to learn how to put the binding on and hopefully be done.  This past week, I've had to quilt the top.  NOT my favorite part of making this quilt and now I know why people *pay* to have this done.

I loved the construction of this quilt but for me, the actual quilting part was tedious and boring.  The whole "stitch in the ditch" thing had me wanting to throw the whole thing in the ditch a couple of times.  It was difficult for me trying to maneuver the quilt top while trying to stitch straight lines in the seams.  There are parts where my material wanted to bunch up, but whatever - just don't look too close  ~  this is obviously my first quilt with lots of little "hiccups".  That's okay with me - I love it anyway.
Nestle likes it!

My friend Lori came over on Sunday night and we took a bunch of her Harley T-shirts and made halter tops out of them.  I was so tired that I forgot to take a picture but she promised to send me a picture of her wearing them.  We basically cut off the sleeves and the neck, then made a little hem at the top where we cut the neckline off.  Then we threaded grosgrain ribbon through the little hem.  The ribbon is tied on each side and it makes the cutest halter top!

I've signed up for a bunch of swaps and figured I better get moving on some of them.  The first one that is due is a Vintage Back To School Journal Page Swap hosted by Michelle Geller of Hold Dear.   I'm not quite finished with these but wanted to give you a sneak peek.  There are several pockets with pull out journal cards, along with some other vintage elements.  14 of us have signed up for this swap so Michelle will collect all the pages, assemble them and send us each a cute Vintage Back To School Journal.

Next up is Laurie's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" cloth journal swap, then Karla's "Fairy Journal" page swap, then Viv's Halloween Witch Hat Swap, and finally, Jeanelle's Embroidery Swap.  
I'm going to be very busy!


  1. I love your beautiful quilt, and those journal pages are darling!

  2. you are one busy, busy lady!

  3. You ARE going to be very busy! I really wish I was doing Michelle's swap, so I'm gonna live vicariously through yours! I love your pages -- simple and sweet! I've finished my fairy pages for Karla's swap just this morning as a matter of fact!

  4. I can't wait to see all your swaps! I am busy getting ready for a gallery showing in October so I have had no time to play!!!

    Happy Saturday!!!


  5. Girl you are going to be busy!
    Bravo to you on your very first quilt! I love making quilts but for me I love the hand quilting! I know I am a little weird but I think it is fun and relaxing. I usually sit on the floor with the quilt in my lap and unroll it as I quilt!
    Can't wait to see all your finished swaps!
    Thanks for sharing as always!
    Hope to see you soon..........