Thursday, September 27, 2012


Check out this cute owl wallhanging I made the other night over at The Paper Crown:
Bobbie taught this one and it's even cuter in person than it appears in a photo.  I just love it!

I understand our Breakfast at Tiffany books are on their way back to us so you are going to want to come back and check those out, I'm sure!

Just got back on Sunday from Handmade U - Fall 2012 and had a great time meeting up with friends and journaling.  I need to blog about that too...Oh yeah - and I have TWO more swaps to finish up before Saturday.  Better get off this computer and get to work!


  1. You just don't stop creating! I have been an absolute slug this week and here you go off and create this adorable Mr. Owl!

    Cannot wait to see the Tiffany pages...

    And, at dinner tonight I was telling my family about how wonderful it was to have the opportunity to sit and talk with you over dinner Saturday night...

  2. HI Lisa! I love your owl piece! it turned out awesome.
    Youre always doing something fun somewhere arent you!?
    happy weekend