Saturday, September 29, 2012

Secrets of the Dearly Departed

In just a couple short weeks, I'm off to Ft. Worth to attend Ann-Denise's 31 Halloween Wishes event.  Of course, there will be swaps, and one of them is an 8 1/2 by 11 inch book which is about Secrets of the Dearly Departed. We had to come up with some sort of "secret" that one of our ancestors took to the grave and create a page about it.  Here is my page and her "secret" is hidden on the black card behind her picture.
I'm happy with my page but I had a real hard time coming up with a secret.  I printed off the background of the spooky tree on a piece of cardstock.  The picture of my ancestor is a transfer on vinyl.  I sewed the vinyl on three sides to make a pocket in which to put her secret in.  When you remove the paper behind her, you can see the creepy tree through the transparency.  I added some fun confetti bats and a spider and circled three sides of the page in the gingham and ric-rac trim.  The top edge was left plain so it can be bound.  
I've sent my page off and it will be bound in a book with the other 11 participant's pages.  Now, I can't wait for 31 Wishes to see the rest!

My Breakfast at Tiffany Pages arrived yesterday - you are going to want to see these!!!  I'll blog about those tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Lisa~
    I am dying to see your Breakfast At Tiffany's book! I love your Fairy Book it is so cute. I just saw Laurie's and she did such a wonderful job on them. They are just breath taking. It was so fun seeing you at Handmade U!