Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting excited for Silver Bella 2010 and stress with Dogs!

On Wednesday I leave for Omaha to attend Silver Bella. Lots to do before then and I am so excited that I can hardly wait! Supplies to gather, car to pack...
This is my first year to attend but I've heard all about it and it sounds fabulous!

Been busy on other things too. Took all four dogs to the vet on Friday to get their annual check-ups. Can you say NIGHTMARE!?! I was also dropping my Jeep off for service -oil change, new wipers, rotate tires (for my upcoming ROAD TRIP!!).
Doug had Nestle, Phoebe and Teddy Bear in his car and I had Niles with me. When he picked me up from the car place I opened the door and he said, "Welcome to Hell!" I knew what that meant - that meant that Phoebe barked incessantly all the way from home.
Ugh - we got to the vet and while waiting to be let into a room she barked this constant high pitched, rapid paced, screetching bark. It was so embarrassing and stressful. Once we got let into the room and they examined her she *finally* shut up!
Everyone got a clean bill of health (except us - we had heart attacks when we had to pay THAT bill) and Niles, Nestle and Phoebe have to go back in on Monday for teeth cleaning. I don't even want to think about what that is going to cost. Whew ~

I made January's baby shower invitations and got those in the mail last week.

I'm still working on the garage organization project. I meant to get it done way back in June but the heat wave set in and the wasps were on attack mode and there was NO WAY I was going to work out there under those conditions.
Now that the weather has cooled down, I have been making trips to the donation center and donating tons of stuff.
I still have lots to get rid of but for some of the stuff I didn't have a place to put it since we don't have shelving out there. That is until now.
We went to Sam's this week and bought these:

Now I just have to get them put together.

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