Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home from Connecticut, New York and Poor Niles!

We ventured up to Connecticut last week. I couldn't wait to meet my new nephew Joao (John) and see my family as it has been way too long! We squeezed so much stuff into our few days there - a trip to New York City - where we saw Jennifer Aniston shooting a film near Bryant Part, Pizza at Pepes, Baby Shower for my sister Jan, breakfast with my Gram and just lots of laughs and good times.
On Friday we took the train from Milford to New York. It's a quick and easy train ride and fun to people watch. Left to right is my brother Bob, his girlfriend Jess, Me & Doug. Can you tell how excited we are? It was actually a pretty nice day - just slightly cold but not too bad - and plenty of sun. We were so lucky!

We had lunch at Simply Pasta, took the subway to Soho, shopped around China Town, went to Supreme - a skateboard shop and after much walking and a little shopping we took the train back to have pizza in New Haven at Pepes.
One of the main reasons for our trip was to meet our sweet nephew! Isn't he just a precious little baby? He belongs to my sister Amanda and if I thought I could get away with it, I would have brought him back to Oklahoma with me!

Another big reason for our trip was a baby shower for my sister January. Her due date is the beginning of January and with the holiday activities we decided to have the shower now. Left to right is January, Me & nephew, Amanda and Jess.

I just can't get enough of this little man! He really liked his auntie too! ;)

Unfortunately, on Saturday while Doug and I were out shopping we got a phone call that nobody wants to get. One of our little Yorkies - Niles - got attacked while away at Doggie Camp. He was mauled by a Jack Russell Terrier and suffered multiple puncture wounds, bruises and at least four broken ribs. Niles is 10 years old and only four pounds and is missing several of his teeth so he really can't defend himself. We were absolutely devastated by the news and of course, it put a damper on our trip. He was rushed to the Emergency Veterinary Clinic here in Tulsa and they did a great job patching him up and taking care of him until we arrived home late last night. We stopped by to see him and *maybe* take him home but he was in such fragile condition that I started feeling weak and almost passed out from seeing him in that condition. We decided to let him stay the rest of the night at the Critical Care Clinic.

This morning we took him from the ER clinic to our vet and he stayed there most of the day today. We have him home tonight and put him in his own little "playpen" where he can move around a little bit but is safe from being bothered from our other dogs. We've got him doped up on a Fentanyl patch to keep his pain controlled but the problem now is that he is not eating. I'm hoping he will regain his appetite soon - he is just too little and can't afford to lose any weight. Plus we have to get his antibiotics into him. If you pray, please pray for Niles to have a quick and uneventful recovery.
I hope to work on some of my Silver Bella projects this weekend and post more pictures.

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