Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November!

Well - there were definitely fewer trick or treaters this year and the bunch I did get seemed grumpy. It was like pulling teeth to get them to even mutter "Trick or Treat" despite my enthusiastic "Happy Halloween!" and my AWESOME candy bags. Oh well - I think the kids of today are just bombarded with too much Halloween and the fact that maybe candy isn't that much of a treat anymore. I had fun and I'm happy so good for me!
I'm so looking forward to this month and all that is in store for me. I'm heading off to Silver Bella in Omaha next week and as a bonus my friend Wendy is coming to Omaha to meet me for brunch before I head back to Oklahoma. Then, I'm headed home to Connecticut to meet my sweet new nephew and have a baby shower for my sister who is due with her baby boy in January! Plus, we have the Thanksgiving holiday in there and lots of crafting to be done. Whew!

Actually tonight, my girls are coming over for another crafting night. I have no idea what I will work on but I have plenty of projects to choose from.

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  1. Lisa, your creations are stunning. It looks to me as though you are living your dream. Your craft room turned out so really worked hard on getting it just right! Blessings.