Wednesday, November 17, 2010

White Christmas Tag Swap & Connecticut!

It's been a crazy day here trying to finish up my tags for my White Christmas Tag Swap, refinance our mortgage loan, and pack for Connecticut. Plus, we had to take the dogs to Camp Bow Wow - which is always a nerve wracking experience as Phoebe barks/whines the entire ride.
Anyway, I finished my tags and printed out the mailing address where I needed to send them only to read in the directions that we were supposed to do variations of whites and creams. OOPS! Yeah - probably should have read that closer *before* I made all those tags. Let's just say this is *MY* interpretation of a White Christmas ;)

I think they are cute and I got them in the mail today so they will arrive before the deadline. There is no time to redo them since we head to Connecticut first thing tomorrow morning.
No time to work on my unfinished Silver Bella projects either - those will have to wait until I get back home.


  1. you've got a lot on your plate right now, and i'm so glad you've still made the time to post up these cute pics!! turned out great i think-
    have fun in conn.!

  2. Lisa,
    Your tags are beautiful - and just fine for our swap! Believe me, they're not all white or cream - haha!
    You are one very busy lady - how do you keep up with everything?! I want to read more of your blog.
    Hope your little Niles is recovering from his ordeal - poor little doggie!