Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jemellia's Monthly Bag Challenge 2011

I've decided to do Jemellia's Monthly Bag Challenge 2011. Sounds fun so would you like to join too? Check out this link and get all the details.

Jemellia gives some great reasons for joining in and here's why I'm doing it:

1. I love bags!
2. I am a beginner sewist and would love how to do a little zipper bag. I'm always buying little cosmetic bags for my purse and can you imagine the beautiful little bags I can make once I learn how to do a zipper!?!
3. Amy Butler - need I say more? I've been to a few creative conferences where Amy Butler has spoken and I just love the energy that comes from her. So peaceful, serene - wow. Plus - her fabrics are beautiful and this gives me the perfect excuse to buy her books!
4. If I get particularly ambitious I can make gifts! I would *love* to receive a beautiful handmade bag as a gift and luckily, I have some friends who love handmade too. How great would that be to be able to make a cute bag for someone?
5. This may expose the limitations of my cute, humble sewing machine so I may discover I need to upgrade to a newer, more sophisticated machine! ;) (Put this on my wish list)

There are many more reasons I'm joining and I'm sure it's going to be so much fun! Thanks Jemellia for the awesome Challenge!


  1. You'll be delighted to see what you can do with your humble machine! Jemillia rocks!

  2. Lisa, thank you for your kind comments at my blog. I really appreciate you. I was moved, so moved by your post about your Elizabeth Edwards' death bringing you close to the loss of your mother. I am so sorry you lost her too young.

    I will look forward to this sewing challenge and crossing paths with you on it.

  3. Lisa I go to her studio on wednesdays. A bunch of ladies that make dolls go out every week and work on whatever they want. She will give lessons and guide you if you need the. she does travel all over teaching how to paint those incredibly beautiful eyes. Isn't it amazing! I could just stare at them and they just LOOK REAL..........

    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas. Hopefully we will see you in class more this year.