Monday, December 13, 2010

Paper Clay Gurlie Class and Christmas Parties!

It was a very busy weekend with driving up and down the turnpike to Oklahoma City - Saturday was Ann-Denise Anderson's Paper Clay Gurlie Class at the Paper Crown. Here we are with my cute little doll. She's not quite finished but I got a really good start on her. The class was so much fun and Ann-Denise was a delight. Sometimes, you take a class and things just flow - the instruction, the people - and this was one of those classes. I enjoyed my day immensely and left there with a smile.
Yesterday was my investment group Christmas Party. Every year we have a potluck dinner - usually at Suzanne's house - and then have a present swap. We each bring a gift and it can be "stolen" twice before it becomes frozen with the third owner. Suzanne's house is something to see. I wish I had better pictures but it turns out I accidentally hit a button on my camera that took it off auto focus so most of my pictures came out blurry.

Suzanne has multiple trees, and when I say multiple I mean something like 9 trees! She had 5 just in the living area alone. I just can't imagine how long it must take her to decorate everything.

I received my beautiful tags from the Christmas Tag Swap that was hosted by Jane Palmer. I need to take pictures of the tags tomorrow and get those posted. Each and every tag is so beautiful just by itself, but all together they are amazing. I hope we have a sunny day so I can get some good pictures. Even still, I'm sure I won't be able to do them justice.
Also on the agenda for tomorrow is a dentist appointment - it's time for my teeth cleaning. Call me weird but I always like having my teeth cleaned. Tomorrow night I'm going to one more Christmas party with an ornament swap. Which reminds me - I need to bring a dessert.
Hopefully that will wrap up all my major Christmas obligations as far as entertaining goes. That will leave me some time in the next week to do some baking and crafting and enjoying the rest of the season until Christmas.


  1. Cute doll! What is she made out of?

  2. Lisa- Robin told me today through email that you did not pick up your doll giveaway. It was sitting by the counter....I am so sorry! Tom and I may come to Tulsa sometime this weekend. If we do I could meet with you some place to give it to you. I am so sorry........I guess someone forgot to tell you it was there. Let me know what you want to do. You may even be back down before Christmas.

  3. so glad you had fun at your workshop! and your doll is sure cute! :)