Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sweet Christmas Banner & Weekend Happenings

Remember when I said I won the cutest banner from Elizabeth over at Bluebird Papercrafts! This picture doesn't even do it justice as to how cute it is in real life! Click on the picture if you want to make it larger and get a closer look.

If you haven't seen her blog, you really MUST check it out.

I didn't take a picture of the backs of the panels but trust me, they are equally as cute! I have the banner hanging in my office right now so I can look up at my bulletin board and enjoy it. Once Christmas is over, it is going up to my craft room where it will be proudly displayed all year long!

It was a busy weekend ~ Thursday night I met Kathy and her Mom Wanda at South Tulsa Baptist Church for their Christmas Dinner Theater.

The church members served us a delicious meal and then we watched the program. Although Tulsa is a city with around 850,000 people in the metro and surrounding areas, it really is a small town.
We sat at a table with some of Kathy's other friends and who should join us for dinner was the Emergency Room Vet that took care of Niles! Turns out she is good friends with Kathy's friend Linda. I thanked her over and over for the wonderful care she took of him while we were out of town. I guess you just never know where you will meet people again!
Speaking of Niles - he is doing much better. We took down the "critical care unit" - the special playpen where we were keeping him separated from the rest of the dogs and he has been released back into the "general population" ;) Doug has successfully managed to get not only Niles but Nestle, Phoebe and Teddy hooked on "Chicken Dinner". When Niles first came home he wouldn't eat or drink anything so to entice him we mixed canned chicken with rice and heated it in the microwave. We gradually moved him to dog food with chicken. Well, now *everybody* is getting "Chicken Dinner" - and expecting it too! So, twice a day now the assembly line is set up to mix up "Chicken Dinner". We'd better wean them off that pretty quick because at $2.00 a can, that little meal is going to cost us a fortune!
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Niles. Looks like our little patient is going to make a full recovery.
Friday I got a much needed haircut and Doug and I went to Los Cabos for dinner. I wish someone would tell them to stop putting so much garlic in their salsa. It was almost inedible! I ordered the ribs which were pretty good.
Saturday was a day of craft fairs! The Tulsa Herb Society works all year crafting for this big event called Carols & Crumpets held at the beautiful Tulsa Garden Center. Not the biggest of shows but what wonderful crafts! A few vendors had herbal soaps, lotions and other natural products that are always nice to be able to sample.
From there I headed south to the Darnaby craft fair at Union School. This show was huge! It was bigger and actually better than I thought it would be. There was a mix of handmade crafts and vendors with "retail" product which made for a good mix.
Earlier in the week I saw a promotion on TV about an Antique Toy and Craft show being held in Claremore. I was so excited and Doug offered to drive me and attend that event with me. What a disappointment it turned out to be. There were probably a total of 7 tables there - two were jewelry vendors (and not handmade jewelry) and the only "Antique" Toys were a bunch of junk that it looked like the lady had dug out of her garage and thrown on a table. We laughed about it and walked around the gun museum (the venue probably should have given me a clue as to the show!) The museum itself was actually neat, the show was the disappointment.


  1. Lisa you did have a busy weekend! This time of year is so crazy and I know what you mean. But it wouldn't be December if we didn't have a million things to do and a million places to go.
    Your banner is darling. I know it is something that will be fun to bring out every year.
    So glad your little guy is making progress!
    Have a great week.

  2. I'm so glad your sweet little Niles is so much better! What a tough little guy!!

  3. oh, you're right- that banner is super cute!