Friday, July 22, 2011

Just get it done!

I have a list of projects that I want to do around the house and it seems like it is a mile long. I know if I would just dive in and get to work on my list, I would feel such great accomplishment, it's just getting started that is so daunting. Plus, I keep getting sidetracked with other things.

We've been in this house almost three years and I can hardly believe it. The only room I've painted is our bedroom and it is time to freshen things up a bit. Shortly after we moved in we had a mishap in the laundry room and I have been wanting to paint in there ever since. Just a word of caution - don't place a full container of laundry soap on top of the upright washing machine. Even thought they are quiet, efficient machines, they still shake enough during the spin cycle to send the container crashing down to the floor and believe me ~ when the bottle breaks open it splashes soap *everywhere*. What a mess!
Anyway - I'm putting my list on here to remind me of what exactly it is that I want to accomplish, and hopefully either motivate me, guilt me or shame me into getting some things crossed off my list.

Paint laundry room
Paint and organize pantry
Paint and organize master closet
Paint office
Paint hallways
Finish landscaping in the back yard
Fix sinkhole around mailbox and put in plants
Paint bookcase
Sew shower curtain for upstairs bathroom
Paint back patio
Buy and install ceiling fan for back patio
Buy and install new sconces for hallways
Wash windows inside and out
Buy a mirror for the wall over the kitchen table
Do a menu plan
Order new business cards
Build my website
*finish my studio/craft room!*

I appreciate any words of encouragement. :)


  1. It's all so overwhelming when you see it in a list like that! I work with people with organizational 'issues' and one of the best ways to get things done, I find, is to break the jobs down into little bits and don't allow yourself to stop until you've finished that particular 'bit'! (unless there's a real emergency!). Good luck and I love your blog!

  2. I'm not the best house keeper, but I find it difficult to start a new project if my house is cluttered and needs a good cleaning. I always start there and the projects seem easier to focus on after I clean up the place. Health comes first in our family so maybe start with a healthy meal plan and number the rest of the list in order of importance to you? Or maybe if you blog about an up coming project with a due date you will be forced to accomplish it because you won't want to let your readers down? Good luck, can't wait to see what you get done first.

  3. You aren't the only one who has a list and procrastinate! We all are in the same boat. I think if I have one word of encouragement is to have a party, shower or dinner. You will definitely get a few things accomplished, but not all of them. I love the sense of having something to work for and when it is all said and done you feel good and can mark some of the things off that list. Just keep chipping away and you will have them all crossed off before you know it. Good Luck!

  4. It's just never-ending, isn't it?

  5. I've been retired over a year now and still haven't made it through most of my list, but everything I cross off makes me feel better, even if I'm adding things to the end at the same time!

    Can't believe I missed you again at Paper Crown. I usually go to Mix and Mingle, but I've got so many projects started I decided I'd better not go buy more supplies until I finish something! That make and take was darling, though. Maybe next month!