Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Lovin Tag Swap

Okay - here they are and trust me that they are so much cuter in person! I thought I would try scanning them but the ones that have dimension on them came out blurry from the scan and I have no idea why some scanned larger than others. To see better detail, click on the picture to enlarge it.

The first tag is by Cindy Bellamy - LOVE the fourth of July theme; the second tag is from my Brave Girl Sister Sheryl Eggleston - the palm tree makes me smile and reminds me of Hawaii!

The pinwheel on the first tag actually spins and was made by this Swap's Hostess: Jonnelle! Plus, I don't think it shows in the picture but where there is a "bite" out of the ice cream, it looks like there is a drip. :) The second tag is by Dawn Tavela and I just love the way she used the paper punch for "waves". Definitely reminds me of summer!

Love the tag with the actual sand and real shells. Makes me miss the British Virgin Islands - I'm ready to go back! Thanks to Wendy Robrecht for this cute card. Next up is the Bathing Beauty tag by Jane Palmer. Jane always has such detail on her tags.

The "Summer Loves" tag with the flip flops, the watermelon, the sun and the ice cream *I think* was made by my other Brave Girl Sister Dawn Blackstead. There are only initials so if that is wrong, let me know! So cute. And the refreshing looking snow cone was made by Wanda Clark. Wanda used glitter paper for the snow part and it glistens just like a real snow cone.

The tag on the right is mine. My favorite thing is the cute little crabs that I punched out of red glitter paper. The final tag is a fun surfboard tag made by Jess. So cute!
I always love participating in these tag swaps. The next one I'm doing is a Birdsong Tag Swap hosted by Karla Nathan. Those are due pretty quickly so I have to get moving on those. You may remember that I went to Karla's Birdsong Event this spring and had an absolutely wonderful time!


  1. What wonderful summertime tags you've gotten there. I'm in Karla's bird song tag swap as well :-)

  2. Love all the summery tags Lisa. what a fun swap. I'm cooking up a couple halloween swaps! to be announced later... havent decided exactly what they will be yet.
    have a great day Lisa.

  3. Yes, that one tag was mine. I'm always hesitant to put my name on them in case someone wants to "reuse" them. I should get over that.
    I think some of your tags are different then the ones I got, I'll double check tomorrow, maybe it was just way to long ago that I looked.
    I am loving doing these swaps.
    Vivian, keep me posted on your swaps too:)