Friday, April 3, 2009

Another week..

Wow! How is it Friday? It has been a busy week but things have gotten accomplished so I'm happy about that.
Do these guys look nervous?

That's because they were on their way here:

It was time to have Teddy groomed and he doesn't like to go to the Spa alone so Phoebe got to go too. Not sure she was too happy about that. They came home with cute little Easter scarves on.

Niles and Nestle were glad to have missed out on that one. Phoebe has different texture fur and she tends to get matted more easily so she needs to be groomed more often. Niles and Nestle have more "wash and wear" hair so I just throw them in the sink and give them a good scrub. The funny thing is when they hear the water running in the laundry room, everyone runs and hides. When I find them, they totally avoid eye contact hoping I won't see them. It doesn't work. When I'm on a mission to get them washed, that's it, there going in! Gosh, I'm mean! ;)
Made a couple of trips to Goodwill this week. It feels so good to get rid of stuff. I also made a trip to Edmond and met EARC at my old house. I donated enough stuff to fill up *half* of a box truck! Honestly, I didn't even know what was in most of the boxes they picked up. Whew! Totally unbelievable!
My "big" plans for the weekend are to make some progress in our garage so I can actually park my car in there before the really bad weather this spring. I also have to work on the invitations for my sister's baby shower. That should be fun. I'll post a picture when I'm done.


  1. I have to take my Old English Sheepdog in on Monday to get his clip down....I'll miss his furry look but he'll be much happier!

  2. Cute dogs!
    I need to clean out my house too! The company girls sure are cleaning this week!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ah, Goodwill. That's a place that I really need to be making a trip to in the near future.

  4. Sweet puppies! Makes me miss mine. We lost Buster last summer. He was our little wiener dog we'd had for 15 years(our first child:)) He was a good ole dog, great with the kids, great snuggler, and most of all he did a stellar job of keeping the floor underneath my table cleaned up. I'm sure he would of liked your house better though. Looks like your furry friends get the royal treatment.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lydia Cate

  5. That cracks me up! My schnuazer hated baths too, and I could just picture him doing the same thing everytime we turned on the water. He would cower and try to 'sneak' away. But car rides he loved. So he never knew until he got there that I had tricked him into going to the groomers.

    My husband tackled our garage before winter. We were so excited! We've lived here for two years and this is the first time both cars fit in our garage. Good luck with yours!

    Thanks for the coffee!

  6. They are so cute. hehe Have a great weekend.