Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Dress Invitations

Aren't these cute? My little sister is having a baby in June, and of course, we are having a shower. I came across the most adorable card designed by Beatriz Jennings and knew I had to make the invitations to look just like her sweet card. Beatriz is a super talented paper crafter and I often go to her blog to seek out ideas.

Sorry for the terrible picture but the lighting in my house in the afternoon isn't all that great and I wanted to get this one wrapped with a gift. The one pictured above is actually a gift tag I am enclosing with a cute pink and white blanket that will be on its way to Connecticut tomorrow. Don't worry though, I have, oh, about 30 invitations to make so I'm sure there will be more pictures.

Doug is going to the Bruce Springsteen concert tonight at the BOK. We are meeting some friends for dinner at In The Raw before they all head off to the concert. He has invited me to go too but really, I'm not that interested. Besides, I have other things I would rather be doing - like making baby invitations. :)

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  1. Very creative!! Love this baby dress designed invitation for baby shower!! Great idea!!