Monday, April 6, 2009

Productive Weekend

Well, Douglas and I actually got a few things accomplished around here this weekend. While he scalped the lawn, I cleaned the garage. We *almost* have enough room for my car to be parked in there.

Saturday I planned to spend three hours in the garage. Just three. But, once I got started and got in the groove, I actually spent about seven hours out there. I loaded my car up to the top with flattened boxes that went off to the recycle center. I also had 5 big boxes of stuff that I dropped off at the Salvation Army. Yay me!

Decluttering is hard for me. I'm always thinking I'm going to need something once I get rid of it but I'm trying hard to overcome that. I actually came across some gardening magazines from 1998. Since 1998, I have moved, oh, four times including one move half way across the country. That means, those magazines have been packed up and moved too. Absolutely crazy. What was I thinking in keeping them all these years??? Guess what ~ out they went ~ to the recycling bin. I've promised myself to do better and to let things go...

Sunday was COLD! Doug and I went for lunch at TGIFriday's and went grocery shopping. By the time we got home I was exhausted. I decided to take a nap for about an hour while he watched golf. I then went to Michael's and poked around for a while. Last night, I went up to my craft room and made one invitation for Amanda's shower. I wanted to be sure they were going to turn out okay before launching into making 30 of them! So, now that I feel more confident in my abilities, I will work on them this week. Pictures to follow, I promise!

Today is another freezing cold day here in Oklahoma. Thankfully, it is supposed to warm up by Wednesday. Can't wait!

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