Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doug and I traveled to Omaha this weekend to see Rachel and Jim get married. I wasn't able to get as many photos as I had wanted because there were so many people and I just couldn't get any great photos. There were several photographers and videographers there so I'm sure Rachel will post a bunch of pictures on her blog when they return from St. Lucia. As we walked up to the church there was a bagpipe player. He played both before and after the ceremony.

Inside the church:

Doug practicing ringing the "bells" for when the newly married couple came out of the church.

Mr. & Mrs. Jim McGough:

The sweet little house for the cards on the gift table.

These were the cute name tag favors:

Whirlwind weekend!


  1. What a beautiful couple! That church is absolutely glad you shared your photos!

    See you on saturday!

  2. Beautiful church! Your hubby looks so cute!

  3. Thanks Francy! My husband is cute! :)

  4. Thanks for posting the pics! We haven't seen many at all yet! Tell Doug he did a great job with the bells.

  5. Oh what cute namecard holders! I'm sure the wedding was awesomely decorated and just a wonderful event! So nice that you got to go!