Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rachel's getting married!

Some of you may remember that I met Rachel at the first Brave Girl Camp we attended in February, 2010. We hit it off right away and found that we both had a love for being creative and attending creative getaways.

Over the last two years we've met several times at various creative events, Mary Englebreit, Creative Connection, Silver Bella, Birdsong, and Rachel's own event: Handmade U.

We've had so much fun over the past two years.

So, this weekend, Doug and I are headed to Omaha for Rachel's wedding! I've got to charge my camera and be sure to take lots of pictures. I'm sure it will be an event to remember.


  1. What an awesome friend you are. Enjoy!!!

  2. Lisa have a wonderful time, and tell Rachel Congratulations!

    See you next weekend! Be sure and bring pictures of the big day!

  3. How fun! Hope you two have a wonderful, safe trip!

  4. I'm so glad you guys came up to be here! Wish we would've had more time to chat! We have had such great weekends together haven't we!!