Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Tags are Here!

Our fall tags arrived in the mail today and it's always so exciting to finally get to see everyone's take on a theme. Where I've had links to the creator's blogs, I've added them.
Once again, here is my tag:

Robin Carr's:

Kathy Lowry's:


Wendy Robrecht's:

Cindy Bellamy's:


Terri Wilkerson's:

Jane Palmer's:

Michelle & Ashley's:

Sadly, this one didn't have a name so I could give credit. If it's your's, please claim it! It's beautiful!

This one is signed "JJ" which I believe is Jessica from Edmond.

All the tags are spectacular, aren't they!?!
I'm finishing up my White Christmas Tag. As I'm working on it, it is becoming apparent to me that my interpretation of White Christmas is pretty colorful. Oh well. ;)

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