Monday, November 28, 2011

I put up the Christmas Tree!

We bought a new white Christmas tree this year and I decided instead of going with my usual silver and white or red and green themes I would do a colorful tree. I found a bunch of ornaments that I haven't put out for years.
Last year, I donated 13 huge bins of Christmas decorations to Animal Aid to sell at their store so things have been pared down quite a bit. However, I still have way too many decorations so I'll be donating more. Problem is, I can't find my tree skirts. I'm wondering if they got donated too? Hmmm...


  1. Have you found it yet? Hm, sounds like a craft project coming on! Your tree is delightful.

  2. so pretty! maybe you could use an old quilt for a tree skirt. I have my tree in a giant old crock, so no tree skirt necessary. though I sort of miss having one. which makes me wonder where mine are, because Im not sure I saw them when I was going through all my decorations this year!
    umm... your pumpkin pie looks delicious!

  3. How beautiful it is ! I have really wanted to get a white tree, but don't think the males in my house would go for it unfortunately.Lucky girl :)
    Thanks for visiting me

  4. No tree skirts? Sounds like a project in your future!

    Love your colorful tree.