Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spun Cotton Doll

Ann-Denise was at the Paper Crown this weekend and taught this adorable spun cotton Valentine doll.
Ann-Denise will be back at the Paper Crown in March on the 2nd and the 30th.  We got to sneak a peek at what she will be teaching on those dates, and trust me, if you are ANYWHERE within driving distance, you are not going to want to miss!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine Cone Class

Jackie had another one of her fun classes over at the Paper Crown in OKC on Thursday night.  Click on the link to see Jackie's post and more fun pictures.  Jackie always brings delicious sweet treats for us and this week she made marshmallows.  They were out of this world, melt in your mouth, unbelievably Mmmmm!

I've signed up for several fun classes coming up and I'm so excited!  The Paper Crown has *the best* teachers and classes.  It's totally worth the hour and a half drive each way just to take a class there.  Plus, the store itself is so beautiful. Cindy, the owner, just launched The Paper Crown online store, so if you can't make it there in person, you can check out some of what she carries in the store.

Have a great Sunday!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Good News!

After going back and forth all weekend as to whether or not to do the surgery, we opted for it. Over the weekend,  I spoke with our current vets, our much loved vet that took care of us in Oklahoma City and our Pet Communicator, Pam Case.  With confidence, we were told to go this morning with positivity and certainty and do the surgery.  So, that's what we did!
 Phoebe had her surgery this morning and the surgeon called to let me know that it was just a fatty tumor and he didn't see evidence of any disease!  The only thing he saw was that one lobe of her liver was enlarged, so he took a biopsy of that and sent it off to pathology.  He expects the enlargement to be due to the steroids she takes.
 She may get to come home this afternoon!  Depending on how she does coming off the anesthesia will determine whether she spends the night there or comes home.  Seeing that she's overweight (you think!) ;)  it sometimes takes longer to metabolize the anesthetic.
 We are absolutely thrilled with this news.  Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers,  and positive energy you sent our way!
 We'll be in recovery mode for a little while but we are looking forward to getting our hot little ham feeling better.
Miss Bossy Boots likes to direct the action around here!  She doesn't miss a trick.
Thank you again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!  We appreciate it so much!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Prayers for Phoebe

We've been kind of preoccupied around here this week with an unexpected bump in the road for our precious Phoebe.  I wrote earlier last year about her trials and tribulations with going from being a Cushing's patient to being an addison's patient, and the numerous trips to the Vet with everything from skin issues, an eye abrasion and addison's crisis. 
 We've gone down and back up again with her weight, and her skin issues which were doing better for a while seem to be returning.  We go once every 25 days for a shot that keeps her "up", and every other day or so, she gets some steroids.  Whatever it takes to keep our girl going!  Very recently, there have been a few changes that just haven't been right.
 Wednesday, during her exam, our vet felt a mass in Phoebe's abdomen.  He took x-rays, ultrasound, and attempted a fine needle biopsy.  She had a very difficult time coming off the sedative and ended up back at the vet yesterday to get rehydrated with fluids.  Last night when she came home, she was looking and acting much better, but she's not quite herself.
 This morning, we went and met with the surgeon. A Board Certified Veterinary General Surgeon - If it sounds expensive, yep, you got that right...  Right now, he's thinking it's an adrenal tumor. Could be cancer, could be benign.  It may be able to be removed, but we really don't know. There's really no way to tell until he goes in and sees what's really happening.
 As you can imagine, we are beside ourselves with worry and anxiety.  Do we do the surgery, do we not?  If it's the worst case scenario, I don't want to put her through a surgery and cause unnecessary suffering, I'd rather enjoy our time with her while she's here.  If it's just a benign mass, and we leave it, I feel like we are giving up hope on our precious girl.  It's been agonizing trying to make decisions on what is best for her.
We've been praying about it, crying over it for the last three days and asking God to guide us on what to do.
 Phoebe is almost nine.  She is the bossy boots in this family.  She tells us what to do and when to do it - she rules this roost.  Of course, the selfish side of me wants her to be with us for many years to come! I love this girl - so much - I almost can't stand it.  The shih-tzu on the right - yeah - he's okay too... ;)
 So, we're going ahead with the surgery to see what is happening and try to get our girl feeling better.  I hope and pray this is the right decision.
If you are so inclined, any prayers, positive thoughts, energy, *anything* positive for our girl would be greatly appreciated. We decided to do the surgery on Monday so she wouldn't have to stay at the vet all weekend recovering alone.  She'll have her surgery and spend hopefully only one night surrounded by vet tech's and a vet at the 24 hour emergency clinic, then hopefully come home to us where we can baby her.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fiber Art & Art Quilt Show

While checking out Facebook yesterday, I happened to come across a post from our local plant nursery that there would be a quilt show there this weekend.  What a great idea!
It's a small show of art quilts and fiber arts, but oh, the potential! What a great use of the space while it's empty from Christmas and awaiting all the beautiful spring flowers. 
I loved being able to see clearly all the colors, stitches and creativity that went into these amazing pieces of art.
My heart is always at the beach and this sweet gull quilt made me reminisce about being back near the ocean, the sand and the sun...
Of course, while at the nursery, I had to check out the gorgeous plants.  The color on this primrose really caught my eye.
 Next week is the big quilt show over in Oklahoma City - can't wait!