Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Slowly making progress

Gosh, I've been kind of boring with this blog lately... It's not like I haven't been doing anything, I just haven't felt like blogging. Sometimes I think I'll just stop blogging but then when I visit blogs that I really enjoy, it's always a disappointment when the blogger just suddenly disappears.  Plus, I really like looking back over my own blog and seeing what I've been up to.  ;)

I *finally* got the pictures hung back up in the dining room and in the kitchen. It feels a little more like home now.  We've got a few large pictures that need to be rehung but I need to buy some super heavy duty hangers before I'll feel secure in rehanging them.

 I mentioned that Arley Berryhill was in town back in April to teach his Mermaid class.  This is my mermaid in progress.  Her nose needs some better shading and I'm still working on getting her lace beaded and placed just right.  The beading is taking me a very long time...  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how she is turning out.

The weather has been not so great here in Tulsa this spring.  It's been cold and rainy and not good for my overall psyche.  I bought a bunch of flowers about a month ago and have been dragging them back and forth from the patio to the covered porch.  Hopefully, they will get planted in the next few days.  

On the back patio is a bag of potting mix that I opened and has been waiting for me.  A sweet pair of birds were building a nest in the bag of potting mix!  I hated to move all their hard work but since they weren't quite finished building, I relocated the nest to a nearby planter.  I'm imagining they are going to rebuild elsewhere.