Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Tags are Here!

Our fall tags arrived in the mail today and it's always so exciting to finally get to see everyone's take on a theme. Where I've had links to the creator's blogs, I've added them.
Once again, here is my tag:

Robin Carr's:

Kathy Lowry's:


Wendy Robrecht's:

Cindy Bellamy's:


Terri Wilkerson's:

Jane Palmer's:

Michelle & Ashley's:

Sadly, this one didn't have a name so I could give credit. If it's your's, please claim it! It's beautiful!

This one is signed "JJ" which I believe is Jessica from Edmond.

All the tags are spectacular, aren't they!?!
I'm finishing up my White Christmas Tag. As I'm working on it, it is becoming apparent to me that my interpretation of White Christmas is pretty colorful. Oh well. ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

I put up the Christmas Tree!

We bought a new white Christmas tree this year and I decided instead of going with my usual silver and white or red and green themes I would do a colorful tree. I found a bunch of ornaments that I haven't put out for years.
Last year, I donated 13 huge bins of Christmas decorations to Animal Aid to sell at their store so things have been pared down quite a bit. However, I still have way too many decorations so I'll be donating more. Problem is, I can't find my tree skirts. I'm wondering if they got donated too? Hmmm...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with so much to be thankful for. We started our day with "Christmas Vacation" as we were straightening up around the house and preparing our meal. Then we played "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles". Our meal was delicious and we ate so much we almost couldn't move! After dinner, Doug watched some football with his friend Pat who joined us for dinner. While they watched football, I made a quick run to Michaels. Yes, I couldn't help myself! Tonight we watched "The Bucket List" and just reminded ourselves to live this life while we are here and to enjoy it. :)
I *may* run out to do some shopping in the morning - we'll see... I'll probably put out some Christmas decorations this weekend too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Glitter Market Finds

On Saturday we took the ride over to Oklahoma City to attend the Glitter Market. I've missed attending the last few times and I wasn't going to miss it this time!
When I arrived there was already a line but I took my spot and waited anxiously. Here is some of what I purchased.
From Jackie's *amazing* booth I got a cookbook, a journal, and a christmas ornament.

She had so many amazing things in her booth and I wanted to purchase so much more but with Christmas right around the corner I had to be a little careful. Yeah, I could have purchased Christmas presents but honestly, I can't give any of these treasures away. ;)
Jemellia made this cute zipper pouch. She has such a talent with her sewing abilities.

This sweet little doll is made by Robin Thomas. She is a Christmas Tree topper but I'm pretty sure I'll keep her out all year long.

I also bought ledger paper and a cute pair of earrings that I didn't get a picture of.
My big splurge was at Charlotte Perez's booth. Don't you love the cross necklace? Her stuff is so beautiful! The leather bracelet fits perfectly and I love it.

Also, not shown is a cute ornament kit I purchased from Holly Abston, and a garden bracelet from Heather Ales. My friend Ann-Denise Anderson as well as a few other ladies had tables full of goodies. I wanted to purchase something from every single one, it just wasn't in the cards this time. I'm going to start saving just in case they have another Glitter Market in the spring.
If you live anywhere within the driving distance of Oklahoma City you won't want to miss the next one!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Tag Swap

Still waiting on my tags to arrive but here is a sneak peek at the tag I created for the Fall Tag Swap this year. I sent mine in over a month ago and have been anxiously awaiting the return of the other tags. Can't wait for them to arrive! That sweet little witch is a candy dispenser that I got at Walmart.
Next up is a White Christmas Tag Swap. I participated last year but somehow my brain omitted the "White Christmas" part and I came up with a rather colorful tag. It was cute, but this year I'll be sure to follow the directions more closely. Here is last year's tag:

It's been a busy week. Doug and I went to Dallas this week to see Morrisey on the SMU Campus, I met up with some of my Investment Club ladies to do a little shopping at the Chi Omega Christmas Market at the Dallas Convention Center and yesterday was Glittermarket in OKC. Wait until you see all the beautiful things I got!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doug and I traveled to Omaha this weekend to see Rachel and Jim get married. I wasn't able to get as many photos as I had wanted because there were so many people and I just couldn't get any great photos. There were several photographers and videographers there so I'm sure Rachel will post a bunch of pictures on her blog when they return from St. Lucia. As we walked up to the church there was a bagpipe player. He played both before and after the ceremony.

Inside the church:

Doug practicing ringing the "bells" for when the newly married couple came out of the church.

Mr. & Mrs. Jim McGough:

The sweet little house for the cards on the gift table.

These were the cute name tag favors:

Whirlwind weekend!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rachel's getting married!

Some of you may remember that I met Rachel at the first Brave Girl Camp we attended in February, 2010. We hit it off right away and found that we both had a love for being creative and attending creative getaways.

Over the last two years we've met several times at various creative events, Mary Englebreit, Creative Connection, Silver Bella, Birdsong, and Rachel's own event: Handmade U.

We've had so much fun over the past two years.

So, this weekend, Doug and I are headed to Omaha for Rachel's wedding! I've got to charge my camera and be sure to take lots of pictures. I'm sure it will be an event to remember.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Going to see Reba!

I've been at our annual Bar Association Conference all week so I haven't had a chance to get much done. Tonight I'm headed off to see Reba perform at the BOK with some friends. Should be fun!

Lots of craft shows around this weekend so I imagine I'll be hitting some of those but then I MUST clean this house. It looks like it has been ransacked...
Have a great weekend!