Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back from Inspiration Unlimited 2010 - Las Vegas

While it's nice to get away, I'm always so happy to return home. I miss Doug and I miss the dogs and I just miss my "routine".
However, while away it's always nice to have this for a view:

Looking out the window of my hotel room I overlooked the beautiful pool area and could see the city of Las Vegas just past the line of trees. I never did make it to "the strip" because we were just way too busy!

My room was spacious and very comfortable and would you just look at this bathroom!

I did manage to get outside for a little bit on Saturday. Just outside the doors of the Green Valley Casino was a cute little area with some shops. On Saturday there was a little street fair going on. I shopped a little and just took in the scenery before I had to get right back to my classes.

The first class was Teresa Collin's Gratitude Album class. Here are my supplies ready to go!

Here is a picture of my work in progress. The lighting in the event wasn't very good and I wish I had brought my Ott light.

I've got more to share about the event although not too many more pictures. I came home with a terrible cold so I'm a bit under the weather. Just wanted to share a quick post and let you know I will be sharing more so check back!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Creative Connection in Minneapolis

This past weekend I set off to Minneapolis to attend The Creative Connection. The event was a combination of creative classes and business related topics geared towards artists. I had been so looking forward to attending and the event definitely did not disappoint!
Rachel and I had been planning on attending since very early spring and I flew in from Tulsa and she drove in from Omaha and picked me up at the airport.

We didn't know until a couple of days before the event that our fellow Brave Girls Melody and Margie would be attending. (Photo below is from Margie's phone)

Melody and Margie were also teaching over at the Mall of America at Scrapfest but spent some time enjoying The Creative Connection and the Handmade Market which was *awesome*...

Upon registration we got to choose three creative classes and one I chose was Jennifer Murphy's class. We made an adorable stuffed bunny with jointed arms. Here I am with the bunny I made and with Jennifer. I'm so happy with the way my bunny turned out - not perfect but so cute for my first try.

One of the "make and takes" that Rachel and I did on the first night was this cute little Mama Bird's Nest necklace which was at the "O Sweet Sadie" booth.

I also took a class by Debbie Murray and Shea Fragoso of "A Guilded Life". We made a sweet little necklace made with a glass jar filled with glitter, trinkets and a tiny note inside. See the cute silver glitter jewelry box? We painted and glittered that too.

My friend Shelley who is also from Oklahoma was in my class. I originally met Shelly in St. Louis at the Mary Englebreit conference that I attended in the spring. Shelley and I promised to keep in touch and I actually ran into her just yesterday while I was in Oklahoma City checking out a great little fabric store. Shelley was there with her friend taking a class - fun!

Other event highlights included seeing The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond (she was actually on my plane to Minneapolis from Oklahoma), the Pajama Party with make and takes hosted by Tiffany Windsor, a painting class I took with Laurie Messeroll, and the cupcake farewell party. I'm sure there is much more I'm leaving out.
These events are so much fun but believe me they are exhausting too - that is why I look so tired in my pictures. I don't sleep well when I'm away from home plus it is always go, go, go!
Tomorrow I'm on a plane for Vegas for the Inspiration Unlimited 2010 event - better get off this computer and re-pack for another busy weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creative Connection!

Tomorrow I head off to Minneapolis for The Creative Connection Event! I can hardly even wait! I'm supposed to be packing and gathering my supplies but I thought I would just do a quick blog post to let you know what I'm going to be up to the next few days. I just know it is going to be awesome...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

In Remembrance and Celebration

Today we said our final goodbye's to Doug's mom Carol. The service was beautiful and she was laid to rest next Kenneth Arms - her husband of 37 years. I can't help but think of the both of them smiling and watching the OU game from above. Go Sooners!
During the service the pastor reflected on some of the stories that we will always remember about her and we laughed and we cried. Though our hearts are heavy right now, we will look back on those memories and smile.

Also on our hearts and in our minds today are the memories of 2001 on that fateful day that changed our nation forever. It was a scary and confusing time and we all remember where we were and what we were doing when those planes hit the towers. My family was in Connecticut and I had just moved to Oklahoma a few months prior. I had an overwhelming sense of needing to be with my family - especially my Mom. Those were difficult days and I pray that the families who suffered tragedies have found some sense of peace in their lives and I have such gratitude for the people who work so hard every day to keep us safe.

In a much lighter note, today is my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Amanda!!!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday today. :)

Amanda and Lier are expecting a baby boy next month and I can hardly wait to be an auntie to my little nephew!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goodbye Carol - we will miss you.

Doug's mom passed away this weekend. She fought so very hard but this battle proved to be too much.

I could usually make her smile and laugh with my comments.

And of course there was always the ongoing rivalry of whether she loved Katie or Jen most ;)

Goodbye Carol. We love you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New York Pictures and an update

Doug's mom remains in ICU and is still critical. It has been a very long week so continued prayers (if you are so inclined) would be appreciated.

Even though our time in New York City was short, we did manage to have some fun and eat our way around the city.
Our first meal in NYC was at Simply Pasta. The food was fabulous - we shared a Caprese Salad, I had Penne ala Vodka and Doug had a pizza. We completely stuffed ourselves.
"Rock of Ages" was playing at the Brooks Atkinson Theater and we had really great seats.

After lunch at Simply Pasta and before the show that evening, we trekked all the way from midtown to Soho so I could go to Kate's Paperie and so Doug could go to Supreme (the skateboard shop that ended up being closed!). Three years ago we took a picture in front of the Ben Sherman store and so we decided to take another one.

While taking a picture of ourselves in Times Square, someone kindly offered to take one of the both of us.


While visiting another blog I read about this fabulous waffle truck and knew I had to find the truck and have a waffle. We tracked it down and the selection of toppings for the waffles was amazing.
Look! they even had a big jar of Nutella - yum!

I opted for butter and real maple syrup with a sprinkle of confectioner's sugar - excellent choice!

Yes, I ate the entire thing. It was the best waffle I think I have ever had. It was light and fluffy and slightly crispy on the outside.

We continued to walk and somehow stumbled on Magnolia Bakery - I was stuffed from the waffle but couldn't pass on getting a cupcake!
I decided to save it for later.

Of course by the time we got back to the hotel in the afternoon I couldn't resist any longer.
Chocolate with chocolate frosting and the cutest little sugar flower. Makes me so happy!

Just across the street from Magnolia Bakery was a little hotdog stand where Doug decided to get a hotdog.

He offered me a bite and even though I was so full I had to taste it. Soooo good! He thought so too.

Finally, we made our way to Central Park. We took some fun pictures there and saw the renovation in progress of the old Tavern On The Green.

That afternoon we had to make our way to the airport so that was our short trip to NYC.