Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lovin' the Mac!

I've had my Mac home now for a little over a week and I am *totally* loving it! I will admit that it is a bit of a learning curve for me. Haven't yet been able to figure out how to sync my iPhone and my Mac with MobileMe so I'll be making an appointment to meet with the geniuses at the Genius bar real soon. Can't wait to take advantage of all the one-to-one classes and really learn how to use this thing, especially the photo editing stuff!
I'm disappointed that my clutter clearing class with Pam Case is cancelled once again for next weekend but I've been decluttering a few things on my own which feels really great.
I'm starting to think about Brave Girls and getting really excited. I've been following all the links to the blogs of some of the women that attended the first Brave Girls Camp in October and the more I read, the more excited I get! Can't wait!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Computer update, Art Camp and Clutter clearing

Okay, so, no Mac just yet. My Dell has spent two days at the Apple store getting its files transferred over to my bright shiny new Mac. Apparently, I had *alot* more files on there than I even thought! I've been trying to patiently wait and have been using Doug's computer to check email and calendars and stuff. It's so difficult being without my computer - just goes to show how dependent I have become on it. However, I just got a call that the computer is just about ready to be picked up but since I'm already in for the night, I'll have to pick it up in the morning.
Some other exciting news for me is that I am attending Brave Girls Camp in February. I can hardly wait! The best way for me to describe it is that it is a workshop for creativity, art and fun! The Camp is held in Idaho (I know, am I totally crazy for traveling to Idaho in February!?!) and facilitated by Melody Ross and her sister Kathy. I'm keeping a positive thought that the weather is going to be fine for traveling and I'm sure Idaho will be beautiful at that time of year. The first Brave Girls Camp was held in October and from all I've read about it, it sure sounds wonderful.
I've been working away at going through some old papers, scanning what I need and shredding the rest. Trying to seriously clear clutter in this new year. My clutter clearing workshop that was scheduled for this coming weekend has been rescheduled for the week of the 30th. That is not stopping me though - I'm going to keep working at it and take the workshop with the anticipation of learning new clutter clearing techniques and hopefully returning with a renewed sense of getting rid of stuff that maybe I couldn't get rid of the first go around. I'll let you know how that all works out.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I got a new Mac today!

Tonight I'm blogging from Doug's Macbook as my Dell is currently spending the night at the Apple store having it's files copied onto my new Mac. I'm so very excited! I've never had a Mac but I'm so looking forward to learning all the great features on my new machine.
Lately, my Dell has been acting as if it may be on its last legs. I've had a computer guy look at it but I can't help but have the feeling something isn't quite right. I bought a external hard drive and tried to transfer my most important files on to that. After spending hours copying stuff, I thought we were all set. The next day, I hooked up my external drive only to find out that NOTHING copied! If my pictures were to be lost I think I might have a heart attack.
I'm looking forward to sprucing up my blog, editing some pictures and just having fun checking out all the other fun blogs.
Yay me!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disappointing and sad news.

So I found out this week that not one, but TWO of my favorite scrapbook stores are closing their doors forever at the end of the month. Just4Keeps in Edmond and ScrapHappys in Tulsa are both saying goodbye. I had a feeling this was coming and the official announcements were made earlier this week. It kind of feels like I'm losing two good friends. Sad and disappointing.
I do have a couple of exciting things coming up in the near future that I'm really looking forward to. I'll be blogging about them in the next couple of days.
I'm also getting ready to do a few Valentine's Day crafts so keep your eye out for those!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

Before we get into the New Year's eve festivities, I just wanted to say that this little snowman makes me happy. I'm not sure if it's his little crooked smile or his short, squatty stature. I just like him and I'm not ready yet to pack him away with all the rest of the Christmas decorations. So, he might just stay out for a little while. ;)

So, here we are! Our usual "self portrait".
Last night we made the journey over to OKC to once again see The Flaming Lips in concert. This is our third year in attendance. Honestly, I didn't feel much like going this year - it's been a very busy year for us and I kind of just wanted to relax and take it easy but I'm glad we went. We always have so much fun and the people watching is extraordinary!

Once inside the venue, we took another picture of ourselves.

Here is Wayne Coyne in his bubble going out over the crowd. No spaceship this year. Bummer.

Ringing in the New Year! See all those balloons in the background? There were thousands of them being bounced around.

Can you even get a sense of how many balloons? Always so much fun!

And don't forget the confetti! Another fun, fun, fun New Year's Eve with the Lips!

Now, it's 2010. Crazy. Lots of ideas of what I would like to accomplish in this new year and new decade. The last ten years have been interesting but some were very tough. I'm looking forward to taking things easier, not so seriously, and overall, just enjoying life much more.

Happy New Year!