Saturday, February 28, 2009

To Taos!

The guys went skiing again yesterday at Angelfire and had a great time even though the weather has been kind of warm and the slopes were sort of icy. I spent my time going to all the little shops in town and buying a few little things. It was a great day. Here is a picture of the guys on slopes:

We woke up this morning and decided to take the drive to Taos. The guys decided they had enough skiing for the last two days. Plus, with the ice on the slopes and Taos being a much more difficult mountain to ski it was probably best they decided to forego the skiing up there. We had a great time walking around Taos. Lots of cute little shops and the people were very friendly.
We had lunch at Orlando's which is a New Mexican restaurant. Here is a picture of us at lunch:

Tomorrow morning we leave for our long drive back to Oklahoma. What a fun time we had here and look forward to coming back maybe this summer for some hiking.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Relaxing in the Mountains

We made it to Angelfire last night after getting slightly lost when we missed a turn and found ourselves on the way to Taos. We turned around and made it to our location. We were little tired after the long drive but so totally excited to be here.

Of course we couldn't see any of the spectacular views on our arrival but this morning when we woke up ~ WOW! This place is incredible. I took some pictures but pictures simply cannot do this place justice! I'm going to go out later for some pictures of the view but in the mean time, here are a few interior photos. This is looking out from the master bedroom:

Next is the view from the dining room (don't mind the scrapping stuff on the table!):

This is the loft area:

And looking down from the loft into the main living area:

Honestly, the pictures do not do this place justice. The place is flooded with light.
There is also a downstairs gameroom area with a huge flat screen TV, a pool table, and cute little kitchen/bar area. I'll try to get photo's of that later but the guys were down there last night having a few beers and playing playstation so it's a bit untidy at the moment.

I dropped the guys off to ski while I came back to enjoy this gorgeous space and do some scrapbooking while enjoying the fabulous view. I'm feeling more relaxed already. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

National Justice For Animals Week

Many of you know I am passionate about animals and animal rights. Although I am not a rabid Peta person (yes, I wear leather and am not a vegetarian) I can't stand the thought of animals being mistreated or abused. It makes me physically sick to my stomach.

I belong to an organization called Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF). They are initiating National Justice For Animals Week to raise awareness in our communities about how to report animal abuse and create stronger laws to prosecute people who hurt animals. Check it out!

I've been working like crazy the last few weeks and am feeling pretty frazzled. This weekend we are headed to Angelfire, New Mexico for some R&R. We are staying in the Signature Golf House which is amazing! Doug is going to ski with his friends and I am so looking forward to just relaxing, reading, scrapbooking and doing a whole lotta nothin'! Should be a great time.

I'm bringing my camera and hope to get some great pictures. Speaking of pictures: last night I sent a big order to be developed so I can take them with me on our trip. Hopefully, I will have a few layouts to share with you when I get back.

One of the layout's I made of Nestle I had posted on HGTV's website about 8 months ago or so. Lately, I have been receiving lots of positive feedback on that layout so I'll share it with you:

Have a great day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Doug and I went to see David's house and were just so amazed at what the wind can do. Unbelievable. Although several houses in the neighborhood were destroyed, thankfully nobody was seriously injured. In another part of Oklahoma several people lost their lives to the weather. So sad.

It has been a tremendously busy week. I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Tulsa Women's Living Expo at Dr. Webb's booth. It was fun but it is also so exhausting! I love to people watch and this was the perfect opportunity!

For Valentine's Day, Doug and I had agreed to keep it low key and grab a pizza at the Pie Hole and just relax at home. I was looking forward to it but at the last minute our plans changed. We ended up going to a new restaurant in town called LXI. We weren't expecting too much but were more than pleasantly surprised. The food was absolutely delicious. Doug also bought me some beautiful flowers ~ a dozen red roses along with stargazer lilies. Such a nice surprise!

I'm hoping this week will be a bit calmer. We will see!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crazy Oklahoma Weather

The tornados hit Oklahoma with a vengence yesterday. In Tulsa, we were pretty safe, but unfortunately, Doug's brother David lost his house in Oaktree. Here is some of the damage:
Thankfully, nobody was home when it hit and nobody got hurt.

This house is diagonally across the street from the house I used to live in just a couple of years ago:

Although I love living in Oklahoma, the weather can be very scary here at times.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time has gotten away from me

Or so it seems.

Work has been so crazy lately and I haven't felt like I've had time to breathe! Hopefully things will settle down a bit and I can catch my breath and focus.

However, while Doug was in Vegas this past weekend, I did take some time to do a couple things around the house. I haven't taken any pictures, but stay tuned.

I bought a new comforter set for our bed which looks very pretty. Not too feminine but not too masculine ~ a good compromise I think! Doug even likes it which I am happy about. A few pretty pillows will spruce it up even more so I'm on the lookout for some of those. Our room could use a few new lamps and definitely some pictures on the walls but at least I've made some progress.