Friday, January 2, 2009

Butter Cookies, take two!

During the holiday season I had wanted to try to make a few different types of cookies. I found a recipe for butter cookies on a blog and decided to try it. The recipe was pretty simple and I was supposed to put it through a cookie press to make the shaped cookies. After the dough was ready, I reached for my cookie press only to discover, I DIDN'T HAVE A COOKIE PRESS!!! I could have *sworn* I had one but it turns out I have not one, but TWO cookie decorator thingies but not a cookie press! Well, it was too late to turn back and too late to run to the store on Christmas Eve, so I shaped the cookies into little pressed circles and baked them. They tasted really good but didn't look the way I wanted.

So, the day after Christmas, I went off to Michael's and I bought a cookie press. Oh, it looked so fancy! All the different shapes it can make... I was finally going to be able to make pretty little butter cookies.
Tonight after work I decided to test out my new machine. I mixed up the dough and carefully scooped it into the press (after a little difficulty in getting the batteries in right ~ Doug figured it out for me). I pressed the button and the machine began to struggle. Uh oh. Finally some dough began to squeeze out of the pretty little shape. I couldn't figure out how to get the dough to break off the end. I pressed the machine down, I wiggled it side to side, I even used a butter knife. Nothin! I practiced my way through three cookies sheets full of cookies before I think I got maybe 8 or 9 pretty cookies. Then the dough just wouldn't cooperate any longer. So, halfway through the dough I gave up on pretty cookies and went back to rolling them up and flattening them out on the cookie sheet. They taste good, they just look ugly. Oh well.
On to other subjects. I've been thinking alot about New Year's Resolutions. I've even written down a few. One of the challenges at Just4Keeps is to scrap a layout of our resolutions. I'm planning on working on that this weekend and once it is completed, I will post it here.

Also speaking of New Years ~ on New Years Eve Doug and I went to Oklahoma City to see the Flaming Lips in concert. We went last year and had a great time. This year, Doug was the lucky winner of a golden ticket so we got back stage VIP passes and I got to have my picture taken with Wayne! Doug did too!

Some of Doug's friends joined us for the evening. After the concert, Doug and I stayed at the Skirvin Hotel and that was our New Year's Eve!

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