Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I probably shouldn't blog when I'm tired.

I read my last post and, Wow...I need to be more careful when blogging when I'm tired because I jump from subject to subject. But, here I go again so I hope you bear(is that right? bear/bare which one is it?) with me. Anyway...

Tonight we went to D'Alesandro's for dinner and it was awesome as usual. Doug and I shared the lentil soup as our appetizer. Yummy!

We tried to recreate the lentil soup one evening and we did a pretty good job, although it's cheaper just to go to D'alesandro's and order one to share. By the time we bought all the ingredients and spent the time making it, well, we could have had it made exactly the way we like it at D'alesandros!

For dinner, I had the carbonara and Doug had the lasagna. Fantastic! Out of this world good. As always, it was too much food but I know what I'll be having for leftovers tomorrow! Usually I don't bring home leftover food, but this stuff is way to delicious to leave behind. I'll be dreaming of reheating my pasta all day tomorrow. Yes, it IS that good!

To totally change the subject - Doug was scruffing up Nestle's hair one night and this is what he looked like: Doug thought he looked like Nick Nolte in that awful mugshot that was posted all over the place a few years back. I think not...

I had posted a picture of Nick Nolte but then decided to delete it because I can't bear to see his awful mug shot next to my sweet little Nettie...
Doug just read this and said I *HAD* to post the picture of Nick Nolte because it is just too funny. So here goes:

Well, it's getting late and I'm so, so tired. Goodnight!

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  1. I stumbled across your blog and I have to say this post cracked me up. Those pictures are too funny! Thanks so much for the laugh!