Saturday, January 24, 2009

My two new little friends

Aren't they cute? This little bluebird and Marvin the monkey are my early Valentine's Day presents! Seems as though my sweet honey has been reading my blog and decided I did actually *need* these cute little critters. He tried to get the pink love blobite but it was sold out. It's okay though. I'm smiling ear to ear over my two new little friends. I think I know just where I'll put them. Thank you baby! I love you...

Today was a productive day which was good. We had to go to the airport to pick up a few boxes at FedEx for a case Doug has on Monday. While we were up there, we zipped up to a little scrapbook store in Owasso. It was awesome! The paper selection was incredible and of course I had to purchase a few sheets along with some beautiful velvet ribbon in pink, green, blue and raspberry.

Our next stop was Panera Bread for a hot tea and a pecan braid pastry. Yum! The weather was sunny but oh, so cold so I needed the tea to warm me up. Doug had to turn in a report for work but it had to be typed so we went up to his office and got that taken care of.

For lunch, we ventured over to TeKei's for their delicious potstickers. When they are nicely browned on both sides and served in their awesome creamy soy sauce ~ all I can say. Doug had the mongolian beef and I had the chicken fried rice. I'm so predictable. The oolong tea is my favorite too, and of course, I drank the entire pot.

When we got home I had to take a nap because I was tired after running around all morning and then filling my belly with delicious food. Plus, with it being so cold, I got a chill. Phoebe and I went in and snoozed for well over an hour.
After we woke up I felt so much better and had a huge burst of energy. The kitchen got cleaned, four loads of laundry got done (I can't believe there is still more!), I deep cleaned the dining room, the half bath and our bedroom and vacuumed the wood floors downstairs.

On one of my earlier posts I mentioned that one of my projects for the new year is to decorate our master bedroom. As of right now, it TOTALLY lacks inspiration:

Boring Beige. Actually, the color of the room is fine but the bedding is old and tired, there aren't any pictures on the walls yet. Not to mention the fact that we don't have anything on the windows. But, the important thing is, we do have this:

Yep! A big screen TV! Perfect for watching HGTV while I get ready for work in the morning. Yes, and my Wii. I'm afraid it is going to yell at me since I haven't used it in so long.

I have a few ideas of how I would like to decorate but I'm going to have to wait a little longer. In the meanwhile, I have a bunch of other things in the works so stay tuned!

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