Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey! That's not for you!

At least that's what that little black capped chickadee seems to be saying. Can you see him on the wall? Not only have the birds found the feeders, but apparently so has at least one squirrel. And you know what that means... Word travels fast and soon, I'm sure our feeders will be the main attraction of the neighborhood.

Check this little guy out:

He really seems to be enjoying his feast:

Look at his fat little body and what a bushy tail!

An offer came in on my home last night. It wasn't quite what I was expecting so I have sent back a counter offer and will wait to see what happens.

On to my random rambling for the day: At Thanksgiving, we went down to the neighborhood bridge and waterfall for a few pictures. Later that night, Doug and I were talking about the day looking through the photos. I was in the middle of eating a piece of pumpkin pie when we came across this one:

I like the picture but I said to Doug, "Hmmm, I look chunky in that picture..." as I took another bite of pumpkin pie. ;) Oh well.

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