Friday, January 23, 2009

A day at the spa...

No, not for me. The dogs all went to Cathy's Critter Cuts yesterday to get all prettied up. They look and smell wonderful! I'll have to get a picture of Phoebe to post in a bit. She is wearing a polka dot scarf-thingie from her beauty treatment yesterday. Looking at her with that scarf and her little, eh hem, weight issue, Doug thought she looks like a loaf of wonderbread. At first, I thought circus clown but now that he mentions it, she does look like a loaf of wonderbread!
**EDIT** Here is a loaf of Wonderbread

And here is Phoebe:

Yep, a little chunky loaf of wonderbread!
Today, over at Home Sanctuary Rachel Anne posted a few pictures of her hair after a trip to the hairdresser. In one of the photos her dog somehow sneeked in and she was thinking maybe her hair looked too much like her dogs.

I had to laugh about that because I have often thought about taking Niles or Nestle with me and asking if the stylist could match the beautiful coloring they have in their hair and make mine look the same.

Probably wouldn't look as good on me as them:
First Niles:

Now Nestle:

Too cute!
Anyway, I'm so thankful the weekend is just about here. I've got some projects planned and hopefully I'll have some pics to share. Basically some organizing projects but maybe a few altered items.


  1. Awww, sweet puppies! I love Yorkshires! I have a Shi-Tzu...who I wouldn't trade for anything, but one day I'd like to have one of those, too :)

  2. Your pupies are precious! We have a Chihuazer (cross between a Chihuahua and a schnuazer). We prayed he would look more Schnuazer since his mom was full blood schnuazer, but nope he looks like a hairy Chihuahua. I love him anyway. Thank you for the coffee!

  3. I'd love to have a yorkie, but I don't think my husband would be on board. The kerchief is darling, but the dogs are even cuter.

    I was looking at your dogs' fur and thinking, yes, maybe those WOULD make good "people" hair colors! So silky and shiny...could it come in a bottle??

    We have our squirrel issues, too. They have found their way into the attic and are SO HARD to get rid of!! I won't tell you what my husband finally did to get rid of the first one, but it involves a shotgun. Hey, he was desperate. One down, one to go. I know it's cruel, but they eat wires and I don't want our house to burn down in an electrical fire and we've tried EVERYTHING else. Too bad there are 50 more squirrels to take the first guy's place.....

  4. Cute, Cute! I need to send my dog to the Spa. He's getting a little too hairy these days for my taste. I think he looks like Albert Einstein with the little white patch of messy fur on his head! :)


  5. Who would have thought of pampering their dogs like that!! This post is beyond adorable and so are these puppies. I really want to get one for myself and this breed is my favorite .