Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He almost bashed his brain in!

Around noon, Doug was working on his computer while sitting in the kitchen and heard a loud thump. A poor little birdie had smashed himself into the kitchen window. We went outside and there he was, completely stunned and breathing rapidly. He was standing on his little bird feet but he wasn't trying to fly away. I figured I'd give him a little time to get his bearings.

When I looked out the window a little later, he was gone. However, when I got home from work tonight there were birds at the feeders and one little guy just kind of hopping on the ground - it was our little brain basher. I knew I couldn't just leave him because apparently he is hurt enough that he can't fly. Eventually, I have to let the dogs out and although they wouldn't hurt him on purpose, I just had to do something with him.

So, I got a big box from the garage, put some newspaper on the bottom along with a bunch of shredded paper from my paper shredder (he needs a comfy nest you know!). Then the comedy show began.

I put on a pair of garden gloves and went out to put him in the box. Well ~ he didn't exactly like this idea and started to run and hop. He was fast! I chased him around and around the back yard for a good twenty minutes. I didn't want to just grab him and end up hurting him even more so I tried to get him in a corner and gently get him in the box. We got him in once and he managed to flap his little wings enough to get out of the box and start running around the back yard again.

We eventually got him in the box. I put in a shallow bowl of water in case he wanted a drink or maybe a bath. I need to go put some bird seed in there so he has something to eat. We called the local bird sanctuary but unfortunately they were closed by the time I called. Hopefully, once they get my message tomorrow they will call me back and tell me what to do with this little guy! The website gave some information about keeping them in the dark and quiet for a while so they have a chance to recover. I hope this little fella recovers soon and is able to fly away.

Of course, after watching me run around the backyard the dogs were going absolutely crazy! It took quite a while for them to settle down and to forget about what was going on in the back yard. So, that is the excitement for tonight. We have an extremely busy week so I'd better get off this computer and do some other things. Good Night!

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