Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beautiful doll and Valentine Tags!

Remember back in December when I was the lucky winner of a beautiful doll that Jackie made? Well, I took a class back in late December and I was supposed to pick her up then at the Paper Crown. Somehow I forgot as I was leaving the store and remembered only after the store was closed. Well, Christmas came, then New Years and between the store being closed for the holidays and other things going on, I wasn't able to get her until the other night when I went for class. Isn't she just beautiful! Not only the doll but also the box she came in and the tag Jackie made. I'm so lucky! :)

I'm doing a tag swap for Valentines Day and I finished my tags today and got them sent off in the mail. All 20 of them. Can't wait to see all the beautiful tags I get back in return. The ladies in this group are so incredibly talented and each tag is it's own little piece of art.

Last night I opened the box containing all the beautiful stuff from the Gilded Stash. Amazing! I tried to take a few pictures but I couldn't quite capture how beautiful all the fabrics and embellishments are. I'll try to photograph them tomorrow but for now, you will just have to wait to see what you are missing out on if you didn't sign up. Bummer, I know!


  1. So much yummy! the doll is lovely! Nat's tag swap is the best and you will get so many pretties in return. I can't wait to see your goodies from the Gilded Stash!

  2. You are SO lucky! Everything Jackie does is just wonderful. I love her classes and get almost as excited over the cute name tags she makes as I do for the class projects.

  3. I can't wait to see your stash!