Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fabric for January's Challenge

When Jemellia announced her Sewing Challenge for 2011 I was all over it. Doesn't matter that I've never really sewn anything more than a blanket or pillows for my dogs. I *want* to learn to sew so what better time than right now?
So, when Jemellia posted a picture of the fabrics she intends to use for this challenge, I started searching online for mine. The problem was that each time I found a main fabric I liked, there weren't any matching fabrics to go with them. I started to panic.
Until this afternoon when I stumbled upon this:

This fabric is so "me" - even Doug thinks so - and I just love it.
The first fabric store I tried to go to today was closed for inventory. Ugh. I checked their website prior to heading over there and there was no mention of being closed today.
Then I remembered a small fabric store here in Tulsa that I had driven by once - the Cotton Patch. What a pleasant surprise! The store is little but has some of the prettiest fabrics. I will definitely be shopping there again.
It only took me about two minutes to zero in on my absolute favorite fabric. Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner I opted to go with fabric that had pink and brown. The hardest part for me was picking the "plain" fabric. I couldn't quite find a matching solid until I found the brown that seems to go well with both the bag fabric as well as the lining.
Now I'm just waiting on my Amy Butler Style Stitches book to arrive so I can get started!


  1. awesome fabric.

    The people at the Cotton Patch are so sweet and helpful. They always help me when I need to match fabric.

    Look forward to seeing your finished project.

  2. Hi Lisa, the fabrics are lovely! Good luck with the bag - will be looking forward to seeing your progress! Also nice to hear about your year in review.

  3. I sew and i am in a panic. So, i guess I will follow your brave lead Lisa!

    Can't wait to see what you do.

    Hold my hand!

  4. oh yes! i love your fabric. want are you going to make with it? i have a sewing machine but have never become very confident in using it. i wanna know more about this sewing challenge!!
    best of luck! ENJOY

  5. Seing is so big right now .I am so glad it is back in vogue I thnk it is all the new wonderful machines. I have a janome I LOVE!!! Oh and I do not sew by the rules I was taught when I was little girl, that brings the fun back !!!

  6. Love your fabrics, Lisa! I just got mine in the mail today - couldn't find anything locally that "spoke to me." I'm making my bag for someone else, but I'm going to be so tempted to keep it. Have fun!