Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting things done

Nestle has the right idea - staying in and bundled up. Whew - it's COLD outside! I'm having a hard time staying warm and I'm in the house with the heat cranked WAY up. I'd love to crawl in those covers right next to him but not right now.
I am getting things done and that's a good thing.
I've been working on Jemellia's sewing challenge. I prepared my fabric, cut out all the pieces, put the interfacing (is that what it's called?) on them and now it is time to actually start sewing my project together. I don't want to show you just yet so you will have to wait until it is finished. I can hardly wait!
The electrician came today to fix the lights under the cabinets in the kitchen and install two ceiling fans in our garage. Why is it that things never go as planned and things always take so much longer than you think? Well, we need a new transformer for the lights because the old one was damaged in a power failure this past summer. In addition, the ceiling fans couldn't be hung today because apparently they need to be "braced". So, hopefully tomorrow when the electrician comes back those two projects will be taken care of. I'm sure glad we didn't try to hang the ceiling fans ourselves. Sometimes it is just so much more worth it to hire someone who knows what they are doing.

This picture is of our back porch that was taken right after we closed on our home. We want to extend the patio out to the edge of the house and put a walk way on the side. So today, I also had a concrete guy come out to give us a bid. We had a couple of estimates done last summer and almost fell over from the sticker shock. Our back porch, although very cute, doesn't function very well. We should have that bid tomorrow so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Looking forward to being able to check a few things off my list.

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  1. You are really getting things done around the house on this really cold day in Oklahoma! I know what you mean about staying warm. I'm with you all the way...........
    Looking forward to having you in class thursday night. Just bring your basic class kit and stick in your glue gun. See you at 5:30!