Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentines Tags, a Snow Day and Brave Girls

Oh my goodness! I received my Valentine Tags from the swap I was in and they are so beautiful. I haven't been able to get a good picture of them so I'll try again tomorrow and post then. You are going to want to see these - I promise!

Well - tomorrow is going to be a "Snow Day". I hope that I don't wake up to this in the morning! The weatherman is forecasting 8-10 inches of snow for our area, our governor has declared a state of emergency, and schools are all closed tomorrow. The storm was supposed to start around 5pm tonight but as of yet I haven't seen a single snowflake.
Like all the other nuts in our town I braved Walmart this morning to get some food in case we are stuck inside for a few days. Good thing I went when I did because the selection of bread was not very good and the people were already in a bad mood. So, as long as we don't lose power we are good!

I leave for Brave Girls next week. This will be my second trip and I'm really looking forward to going again and meeting up with some friends. This picture of me and Rachel was taken at last year's camp. We met and just hit it off from the start. We had such a great year last year traveling around the country and meeting up at various crafty venues. Of course we were on the phone just today making plans for what this year holds in store.


  1. Lisa I hope we don't get snowed in to bad.....we were to leave for California tomorrow ( driving) but I guess we won't go now. And for a couple other reasons.

    I am so glad you like the new classes. I will let Cindy know if you don't get her.

  2. hope u keep your electric thru this Blizzard!

    Look forward to reading your posts about Brave girls.

  3. I CAN NOT WAIT to see you next week! Stay warm!! Wear your Nebraska fuzzy socks :)

  4. We sure got the snow here! Its awful. Enjoy your snow day. I had trouble making myself get anything done today, I felt like I shouldn't have to work on a snow day, they aren't fair to self employed people who work from home.