Saturday, March 1, 2014

3 Inchey Swap

My friend Laurie came up with this great swap. Laurie and I know each other from several creative workshops we have attended, and I knew some of our mutual friends would be participating too!

For this particular swap, we were to make six three-inch by three-inch fabric blocks.

Here was my creation - which was sort of similar to the larger heart I made for Jennifer's swap, but shrunk down and placed on a fabric background for the 3 inch by 3 inch requirement:

Our talented friend Hope Ellington came up with this amazing block with a frozen charlotte enclosed in a dimensional heart.  She also included an extra little surprise in with her swap - a lovely heart necklace that says, "Be True".  She amazes me.

Just look at this block that was made by our friend Tammy. She managed to perfectly squeeze all that detail onto her block.  So pretty! I absolutely love the pinks.

When I took this colorful block out of the package, I knew who made this without even having to look.  :)  Our sweet friend Linda - this is SO her - and I just love it.  It makes me smile.

This pretty block was made by Lisa.  I haven't met her in person yet, but what a lovely piece of art she created, and I'm thrilled to add it to my collection.

Laurie made this precious block, and this one is so her, too!  I love the vintage fabric, lace, embroidery, and of course, a button.

 Jeanelle embellished this block so sweetly - with the key, beads, buttons, vintage lace and wool.  Just beautiful!


  1. They are all so humbled and touched that you all included me....hoping you are doing well!

  2. you and your circle of friends are so talented!

  3. Hope is so amazing! I'm thrilled you loved your swap -- I did, too! I took them to work the other day and one of my friends thought yours was her favorite!