Saturday, April 26, 2014

Glittered Retreat

Oh my gosh ~ I can't believe I have neglected my blog this long.  I've been thinking about blogging but just haven't had a block of time to do it.  So sorry!  

Well anyway.  This post will be loaded with pictures so hopefully you enjoy!

Earlier in the month my favorite store in Oklahoma City, Paper Crown, hosted an amazing Glittered Retreat.  You know I love a good retreat and I knew this wasn't to be missed.  I signed up long before the projects were announced because at Paper Crown, there is NEVER a class I want to miss.

For the first Glittered Retreat all the teachers were our local favorites.  We have incredible talent right here in Oklahoma and to get to take a class with each of these ladies in one weekend was a real treat!  The weekend lineup included Jackie Peters, Medeah, Holly Abston, and Bobbie Sanders.  I've added links to their blogs and definitely check them out!

Below are the pictures of the projects scheduled for the weekend.  (note: I didn't take the project pictures, I got them from the Paper Crown blog)

Jackie's Project:

The class kit's for Jackie's class.  I know - it's okay to be jealous.  ;)

 Bobbie's Project:

And Bobbie always outdoes herself:  (the outside)

 The inside of Bobbie's kit.  We had a little laugh because Bobbie said she created the inside of the kits with me in mind.  She wrapped all the individual trims on a card because somehow when I'm in a class with Bobbie my embellishments end up everywhere but my work space!  This way, I can keep track of everything.  ;)

 Holly's Project:

I didn't get a picture of Holly's kits but we were able to select our favorite vintage wallpaper and seam binding from her amazing stash!  :)

 Medeah's Project:

Medeah's kit.  We were lucky because she prepared the boards for us ahead of time to speed things along.  

Bobbie made these fabulous programs for our weekend.  Every little detail was taken into consideration to make this such a fun time for all of us.

While we each were to make our own name tags for a contest, this sweet little name tag and pencil awaited me prior to Jackie's class.

 And OH YES! Don't we all love a sweet swag bag filled with lovely treats???

The ladies worked for WEEKS transforming the upstairs room into this fun and beautiful space for our meals.  Each time we entered this room, the decor and tablescapes were different and new.  
 See ~ I told you!  Such attention to detail.
 Just lovely.  And although I didn't get pictures of the food, it was amazing too.  Everything lovingly prepared and served.  The Paper Crown ladies know how to spoil us!
How sweet.

 These ladies worked their tail feathers off  for us.  I don't think words can convey the appreciation I know we all had for all the hard work, attention to detail, and creation of such a special weekend we all had.

On Friday afternoon, we took a shopping field trip to The Rink which is an antique mall.  When we were finished shopping we were surprised with all this goodness waiting for us at the front of the mall.  Inside the pink box was a delicious cupcake.  A nice drink of water in adorably decorated bottles and a copy of a favorite magazine. What more could we ask for???

I'm sure I've forgotten to mention some of the details but go on over to the other blogs with links and I'm sure you'll see plenty more!  


  1. Oh my! Every new photo I see shows that the weekend was fantastically wonderful. They certainly did an amazing job. They always do, but this event looks over-the-top in the best way! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What an amazing retreat. So much inspiration. Love all the mixed media.

  3. Someday I will have to make my way down there and enjoy one of Paper Crown's retreats! This retreat looks like it was totally amazing!

    1. Oh Tami, you wouldn't be sorry! It's totally worth the trip. Everyone is friendly and we have a lot of laughs. :)

  4. you are so lucky that you live nearby where they do fun classes! There really is nothing like that around here. thank god for the internet and all the inspiration to be found there!
    have a great week Lisa

  5. It looks like it was FABULOUS! I will get there one day -- I hope!!

  6. These are adorable!Love the idea of making your own, much more budget friendly! They were so cute!so many great ideas upon ur site!